CASU Fall Newsletter ‏ 2013

Hello all! I hope you’re having a great start to your fall semester! Below are some updates from CASU campuses on upcoming and ongoing events. Enjoy!

You can stay updated on the battle to save City College of San Francisco’s accreditation by following their blog, Save CCSF.

Updates from UC Santa Cruz:

Napolitano ProtestResist Janet Napolitano 

Following the arrest and injury of 6 DREAM activists at the July 18th UC Regents Meeting Protest, students in the statewide multicultural progressive coalition that represent students who are underrepresented and marginalized within the UC System issued a list of demands to administrators of the UC system following Napolitano’s nomination:

  1. Set up a meeting with our coalition, to take place before UC students begin classes in the Fall.
  2. Hold a meeting with all undocumented students organizations across the UC’s during your campus visits in September to discuss the demands.
  3. During your first official UC Regents meeting on September 17th release a statement of support for the Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools (AB4), TRUST Act. Make the TRUST Act an official lobbying item for the University of California Office of the President.
  4. Make UC a sanctuary for undocumented students. As a sanctuary the University
  5. The office of the Chancellor of each respective campus should hold UCPD accountable to not comply with 287G.
  6. Hire staff who specialize in Undocumented/AB540 Student Affairs in every UC campus.
  7. The undocumented/AB540 staff will help facilitate and lead a formation of a caucus that includes students, staff, and faculty, which addresses Undocumented Student Affairs and have direct contact with the Chancellors of the UCs.
  8. Mandatory UC staff and faculty training on Undocumented/AB540 Student issues.
  9. Will prohibit the use of UC funds or resources to assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement with arrests and the gathering or dissemination of information regarding the immigration status of an individual in all UC Campuses.
  10. Cannot disclose information regarding an individual’s immigration status.
  11. Cannot condition services based on an individual’s immigration status.
  12. Will prohibit the use of E-verify for UC employees.
  13. Will promote the employment of undocumented students on campus by providing them with an ID Number that will function as a work permit
  14. Mandatory UCPD UndocuAlly training on the rights of undocumented communities to prevent harassment and criminalization. These trainings will be held annually and officers will be accountable by the Office of the Chancellor of each respective campus if they do not follow through with these policies.
  15. The Department of Homeland Security’s 287G program must not be implemented on the University of California property. It should never happen that students get arrested on campus and potentially get deported.
  16. Prohibit the use of Riot police on our Campuses, which includes the use of S.W.A.T. teams and other police departments, to interfere during student acts of civil disobedience, protests, rallies, and sit ins.
  17. Implement general education courses on undocumented/immigrant experiences on all campuses UC wide. Use past courses offered on campuses such as UCLA and UCSB as examples.

Student Labor Organizing Conference

This September, students from all over the University of California are teaming up with AFSCME 3299, USAS, and UAW 2865 to hold the Student Labor Organizing Conference, and we hope that you can join us September 14 & 15 at UC Riverside.

This is a very important year for UC workers and students, as AFSCME 3299, UAW 2865, as well as other UC unions, are all in the midst of contract fights. At the UC, students and workers face common challenges: as students battle for quality and access, workers are fighting for a living wage and the right to retire with dignity. We as students understand that a harm for workers is a harm to all in the campus community. That’s why this year more than ever, it will be crucial to show the UC Regents the power of Student-Worker solidarity.

The Student Labor Organizing Conference is intended to sharpen our organizing skills and build a movement strong enough to fight the attack on students, workers, and our democracy. AFSCME and UAW members will share their struggles and plans to fight back. Students will share their own experiences of resisting the privatization of our University. Together, we’ll plan to take back UC!

Food and lodging will be provided, and we’ll help you coordinate transportation. Register here by Labor Day:

Updates from Humboldt State University:

I attended a meeting this weekend involving the student body of both Humboldt State University and College of the Redwoods, some members are both in our student union and new AS government. The meeting provided a space to discuss coming together on issues for both CR and HSU students. This was the first meeting established where both campuses showed a commitment to change in higher education and began sharing contacts. Discussion of working with the Roosevelt Policy Institute for funding assistance was brought to the table since folks at CR had attended one of their conferences. Further discussion on transportation needs were discussed, along with HSU student sharing how their access to public transit was incorporated into their fees. We have a work meeting next week to design a student survey to assess their desire and needs to have a public transportation agreement built into their fees and or tuition somehow.


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