Featured Video: The Corporate Privatization Raiders

The Corporate Privatization Raiders Destroying Public Education & Our Unions | Danny Weil

Danny Weil is a teacher, author, and journalist who is an expert on privatization and charters. He writes for “Truth Out,” “Daily Censored,” and other publications. At an education conference on Privatization of Public Education and the Unions in San Francisco, he discussed the corporate financialization of public education and and how this is destroying the public education in the United States along with the role of the education unions in confronting this attack on public education.

The presentation was made on January 19, 2012 and was sponsored by United Public Workers For Action with the title “Public Education, Privatization and The NEA/CTA, SEIU and AFT/CFT and What Can Education Workers, Students & Parents Do To Defend Public Education?”

Production of United Public Workers For Action —

For more videos, please check out the California Student Union YouTube Channel


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