Sign the Petition to Drop the Sanctions Against UCSD Students!

ucsd strike comm


Tell Chancellor Khosla, Assistant Vice Chancellor Gary Ratcliff and the Office of Student Conduct to drop the sanctions brought up against students for peaceful protest and stop trying to intimidate students from organizing at the University of California San Diego!

From the UCSD Strike Committee:
“We are a coalition of students formed out of the Student Labor Organizing Conference in UC Riverside in September 2013. We formed a committee to organize the student body in solidarity with workers on campus. Service workers at the University of California have been intimidated and retaliated against by their managers and supervisors, are understaffed and underpaid, have had to pay more into their pension and healthcare, and have received a 1.5 percent pay cut this year, while the top administrators have a 3 percent pay increase. All of these issues are long standing problems faced by the University of California service workers. To combat the workplace intimidation of patient care workers, workers and students organized an unfair labor practice strike on Nov. 20th.” (continue reading)


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