Humboldt State ASI President Resigns

jbloom democracyBeating Rollin to the Punch, Student Body President Resigns
Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA
December, 2013

Reposted with the author’s permission
Art by Jacob Bloom

Effective immediately, I, Jacob Bloom, hereby resign from my position of Associated Students President, December 2, 2013. It was not an easy choice, but an obvious one that I have put a lot of thought into. I work hard for students. I think long term. I practice what I preach. I maintained my integrity, and my integrity brought me here. Don’t worry, there is a plan. I am very strategic with my work, and it has only just begun.

I would like to urge members of the Associated Students organization to quit running in the hamster wheel. Please avoid an agenda set by a tunnel vision stricken administration leading us directly off the edge of a cliff. Band aids won’t do when you need surgery, stitches, and drugs. The Associated Students organization, much like our universities administration, is set up to: breed complacency, haphazardly perform administrative functions, fail at addressing genuine issues, save face, build resumes, and then party and/or mindlessly volunteer away the woes that occur from selling your soul.

In the A.S. constitution, according to Article II, Section C, 2., “Should a vacancy occur in the Presidency, the Administrative Vice President shall succeed to the office.” Forust Ercole, the Administrative Vice President, now President, will do great. He needs the opportunity, and is a pleasure to work with. Also, with Rollin Richmond’s retirement on the way, I figured I had to beat him to the punch. Who wants to make my retirement party bigger than Rollins? Or maybe we can combine them…

Please stay tuned for more details.

In solidarity with R.O.S.A., the Revolutionary Organization of Students for Action,

Jacob Bloom


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