Spring 2014 Statewide Recap

10154321_309192869230860_4063146372293016088_nA big thanks goes out to everyone involved in the Spring ’14 CA Student Union Conference — from attendees, to volunteers, to presenters, to donors, it took all of us to make this an educational, inspirational, and productive experience.


This two day conference focused on building student power on our campuses via structures of direct/participatory democracy (i.e. all students are involved in the decision-making process), solidifying relationships across the state based on issues important to us, and planning a statewide action together for Fall 2014 around our common interests in fighting the student debt, attack on workers’ rights, cuts to departments/services, killing of shared governance/democracy, human rights’ violations, and student repression that stem from the continued privatization of our educations and our futures.

Action Planning — Top 4 Demands:

  1. Follow the $ (Privatization)
  2. Freedom of Speech (Repression)
  3. Diversity Education (Diversity)
  4. No to Napolitano (Democratization)

Action Planning — Timeline:

  1. Petition
    1. First draft due by end of June 2014
    2. Delegated to Statewide Coordinating Cmte
  2. Regional Meetings
    1. Schedule for September 2014
    2. Delegated to Regional Groups
  3. Outreach Tour
    1. Go to each other’s campuses and help build awareness and capacity for Week of Action
    2. Dates and details to be determined at Regionals
    3. Plan according to what makes most sense to regional campuses
    4. Include a traveling art piece that people can contribute to and incorporates demands
    5. Zine proposed — delegated to Outreach & Education Cmte
  4. Flyer
    1. Prep for Week of Action and to Contribute to Zine Submissions
    2. Due by the end of June 2014
    3. Delegated to the Outreach & Education Cmte and Research Working Group
  5. Week of Action
    1. October 13-17, 2014
    2. Each campus to determine date and action that works best for them
    3. Distribute finalized Zine during actions

Want to get involved with bottom-lining the above plan of action? Join the Committee or Working Group that strikes your interest and let’s get busy this summer!

Want to plug your campus into the Week of Action but not necessarily bottom-line the behind the scenes stuff? Please send an email to and someone from the Outreach & Education Committee will follow-up with you.

Chapters v. Affiliates Proposal:

Working definitions as proposed by the Outreach & Education Committee (OEC) and amended by those in attendance on Saturday, 5-26-14.

Defined as a newly established organization on a campus that will act as an organizing committee tasked with developing direct democracy decision-making structures on a campus. Chapters will:
• Adopt and abide by CASU’s Mandate & Principles and Safe Space Guidelines.
• Commit to be trained as student organizers and to train others on their campus interested in joining the chapter.
• Outreach to existing organizations on campus and educate them about student unionism and about affiliating with CASU.
• Designate a contact person to act as a liason between the campus and the OEC.
• Send delegates to regional and statewide conferences.
• Be receptive to working/coordinating with statewide committees.
• Develop a membership/voting structure on campus.

Defined as an existing student organization interested in joining the CASU direct democracy decision-making network. Affiliates will:
• Observe and respect CASU’s Mandate & Principles.
• Agree to become part of CASU’s direct democracy decision-making network and honor the majority vote of the campus & statewide membership (when applicable).
• Respect the autonomy of other CASU organizations and of its members (i.e. all power to the locals).

The Outreach & Education Committee commits to:
• Assign mentor/point-person to each Chapter.
• Train Chapter members and provide support when necessary.
• Develop outreach, training, and orientation materials for members to use in local organizing.
• Stand in solidarity with Affiliates and share event/campaign info throughout the CASU network.

Click here for the Full Proposal

In Solidarity!
CASU Facilitation Committee

The Spring 2014 CASU Conference Die Hards! (Click HERE for more conference photos.)

Die Hards


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