San Jose State ASI President Resigns

gary daniels president

San Jose State University ASI president Gary Daniels, resigns, January 2015.

Reposted with authors permission.

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce my resignation from Associated Students. While this may come as a great surprise to many, please know that this was the best outcome possible.

This past semester saw a flurry of controversy. I am proud to say that the A.S. board handled the termination of the Executive Director exceptionally well. The Associated Students Controller showed great courage in making the original discovery, as well as the Interim Executive Director who provided much-needed leadership and stability.

Unfortunately, the termination of the Executive Director was the only situation in which we provided true leadership. When it was revealed that the campus administration misspent $28 million dollars on a botched technology upgrade, we were noticeably silent. When allegations of racism from a major University donor arose, we condemned no one and made no statements in support of a diverse, inclusive campus. When we were told that everything was on the table in regards to SSETF except cutting it entirely, we readily accepted that ultimatum even though this student fee was created undemocratically and without a student referendum.

As the head of the organization, I should have set the tone for a stronger, more firm student voice. Where I once found myself loudly condemning things I felt strongly about, I soon became part of the machine, where my primary job was to maintain the status quo and defend the respectability of our institution even when it was wrong. For this I owe everyone an apology, for this is not what I was elected to do.

To those students who are concerned about rising fees, lack of add codes and class sections, poor facilities, and poor teachers, the only thing you can do is organize. If you truly want change you must organize in mass numbers and direct action in order to force those in power to face critical issues in ways that they would not have otherwise. If you don’t, they will always worry more about maintaining their jobs and maintaining the status quo than doing what’s truly right.

Finally, we need justice for Antonio Lopez Guzman, Gregory Johnson, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, and Ezell Ford. If you think militarized police doesn’t affect you when UPD can shoot an innocent man in the back with no accountability on our own campus, please rest assured that it can happen to you too.

I do intend to make up for my lack of leadership as a student activist, and to continue fighting for the things that truly matter on campus and off. I challenge you to do the same. #JusticeForJosiah. #BlackANDBrownLivesMatter

Yours truly,

Gary Daniels


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