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We need you (yes, YOU!) wonderful dedicated student organizers, to tell us about your local actions, organizing, happenings, etc. in your own words. If your local is having or just had an awesome event or is working on a campaign, write up a Campus Report and let students across the state know! We are also looking for folks who are down to look at larger structures and policies at work in the privatization of education to write up short Articles and spread those seeds of knowledge. So let’s share our stories, enhance our skills, develop strategies, and build the statewide student movement!

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– Campus Reports about campus organizing should be 100 -150 words.
– Articles about larger education issues should be 300-350 words.
– An article should always try to show the need for a student union.

* If we like your report/article topic, we may ask you to extend it to 400-430 words and place it as the Front Page headliner.

To submit a Campus Report or Article, fill out the below form or email us at


Your Editors in Struggle,
Albert Sarian, Los Angeles Valley College
Anthony Palmer, City College of San Francisco
Jose Cordova, Los Angeles Valley College

To join the Newsletter Editing group, please send an email with your name and contact info to


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