Fall 2013 – City College of San Francisco

CASU Conf Fall 13 Profile Pic


Friday & Saturday, October 18 & 19, 2013
City College of San Francisco
Student Union & Multi-Use Buildings
50 Phelan Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94112


Working Agenda >> PDF
Working Agenda Addendum >> PDF
Facilitation Notes >> PDF
Workshop Block >> PDF
Full Page Flyer >> PDF
Quarter Page Flyer >> PDF
New Student Orientation >> PPT


Join students from across the state as we come together in solidarity with Save CCSF, a coalition of students, staff, and faculty fighting the unjust closure of City College of San Francisco, California’s largest Community College. From the accreditation battle at CCSF, to Janet Napolitano’s appointment as the next President of the UC’s, to AB955 raising summer & winter unit fees over 300% at Community Colleges—there are many reasons for students to come together, support each other’s struggles, and develop long-term strategies to unite our voices & win! Inspired by international student movements that utilize participatory democracy to create mass power, California Student Union members work toward organizing at the statewide level while also striving to create models of alternative democracy on our campuses capable of engaging and activating a larger portion of the student body against the war on our education and our futures.


WeAreCityCollegeSave CCSF is a coalition of students, classified staff, faculty, and community members that are fighting to retain CCSF as a college that offers an affordable, accessible, quality education that addresses the needs of the diverse community in San Francisco. In July 2012, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) put CCSF under threat of loss of accreditation. By July 2013, that threat had turned into a death knell with the ACCJC stating that the college would lose accreditation in a year for failure to “show cause” against the sanctions placed on the campus. In the name of this manufactured “crisis,” student programs and services were cut, classified staff and teachers laid off, computer labs closed, and faculty and staff wages cut. It is clear to the CCSF community that these sanctions are about forces of privatization that are working to downsize public education and push students into for-profit schools which will saddle them with debt. (The ACCJC is a private corporation that gets public money as well as private funds from pro-privatization sources such as the Lumina Foundation.) Recently, the U.S. Dept. of Education has sided with the CCSF community and, in an ironic twist, has placed its own sanctions against the ACCJC for, among other things, clear conflicts of interests that lie in violation of the law. Inspired by the Chicago teachers’ strike, the Quebec students who won the repeal of tuition hikes, and Seattle parents and teachers saying NO to mind robbing standardized tests, Save CCSF is growing a movement to defend high quality, community wide, public education that is accessible to all!

More info about Save CCSF can be found at http://www.saveccsf.org/


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