Debt Service

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Student Debt

Why Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Can’t Hide From Student Loan Law | Joshua Cohen | The Student Loan Lawyer

Pay It Forward: Innovative Oregon Proposal Could Solve Problem of Student Loan Debt | Rob Tornoe| The Contributor

Failure to Stop Doubling of Student Loan Rates Sparks Call to Tackle “Systemic” Debt Crisis | Democracy Now!

Here’s How To Get In Touch With The Senators Who Voted Against Lowering Student Loan Rates | The Huffington Post

The Generation We Love to Dump On | Matt Bors |

Warren: Profits from student loans are ‘obscene’ | Ruth Tam | Washington Post

Declines in State Spending Lead to Soaring Student Debt | Kinberly Green | Student Labor Action Project

The New Student Loan System: How Screwed Are We? | Patrick St. John | For Student Power

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in the Student-Loan Deal | Christine Lindstrom | The Chronicle of Higher Education

U.S. Dept. of Education Changes People’s Loan Servicers… Again | Adam Minsky | Boston Student Loan Lawyer

Senate student loan bill lets students down | Karen Bass | The Hill

Ripping Off Young America: The College-Loan Scandal | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone

Forget Student Loans — Make Higher Ed Free | Jim Hightower | Common Dreams

Generation Progress, Rock the Vote, and United States Student Association on President Obama’s Signing of Bipartisan Student Loan Deal | Generation Progress

7 College Graduates Whose Lives Were Wrecked by Student Loan Debt | Mandi Woodruff | Yahoo! Finance

3 States With the Highest Ratios of Student Loan Debt | Amanda Alix | The Motley Fool

I went $230,000 into debt to become a doctor in America | Matthew Moeller, M.D. | Quartz

A Dangerous ‘New Normal’ in College Debt | Charles Blow |

A Guide to Resisting Debt — For Students and the Rest of Us | Shay O’Reilly | Alternet

Strike Student Debt, Not Just Interest Rates | Strike Debt!

Kent State Students Demand Debt Redress | Kyle McCarthy | The Nation

Student debt, job market creating ‘generation of wage slavery’ | RT USA

The Soul of Student Debt | Chris Maisano | Jacobin

Student Debt Slows Growth as Young Spend Less | Annie Lowrey |

Student Debtors Put Pressure on the Department of Education | John Connelly | Dissent Magazine

Student Debt and the Crushing of the American Dream | Joseph Stiglitz |

The True Size of the Student Debt Crisis | Demos InfoGraphic

Occupy Student Debt Resources

Student Loan Debt: $1 Trillion and Counting | Sheryl Nance-Nash | Forbes

A Generation Hobbled by the Soaring Cost of College | Andrew Martin |

Debt and the Student Strike: Antagonisms in the Sphere of Social Reproduction | Amanda Armstrong | Reclamations Blog

The student loan bubble is starting to burst | John Carney | CNBC News

Bank Pays $34 Bounty for New College Customers | Brian Ross et. al. | ABC News

Some Student Loan Rates Just Doubled: Everything You Need To Know | Kevin Short | The Huffington Post

Sallie Mae, Education Department Under Fire For Student Loans To Military Service Members | Shahien Nasiripour | The Huffington Post

Largest student loan provider quits education reform lobbyist | John Byrne | New York Post

Student Loan Changes Squeeze Historically Black Colleges | Hansi Lo Wang | NPR

CFPB To Supervise Largest Student Loan Servicers | Shahien Nasiripour | The Huffington Post

Government student loan program more profitable than Exxon Mobil | WDAM.COM – TV 7

Obama Student Loan Poilcy Reaping $51 Billion Profit | Alex Caballero | Cuéntame

Sallie Mae’s Profits Soaring at the Expense of Our Nation’s Students | Sarita Gupta |

Student Loan Rates Set To Double On July 1 | Claudio Sanchez | NPR

Student Loan Interest Rates to Double: Students Speak Out | Brandon Anderson | TakePart

Student loan rates to double after Senate Dems, Republicans fail to pass fixes | Kay Steiger | The Raw Story

Treat Students Like Banks | Elizabeth Warren & John Tierney |

U.S. Senate Rejects Dueling Bills on Student-Loan Interest Rates | Cory Weinberg | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Grieving father struggles to pay dead son’s student loans | Marian Wang |

College Budget Cuts Make Life Grueling for America’s Young andUnemployed | Howie Stier | TruthDig

Student Debt Climbs For Fifth Year In A Row | Maggie McGrath| Forbes

Sallie Mae is robbing students — here’s your chance to stop it | The Student Labor Action Project

Cost of College Degree in U.S. Soars 12 Fold: Chart of the Day | Michelle Jamrisko & Ilan Kolet | Bloomberg

Billionaire Bloomberg Wants ‘So-So’ Students to Skip College and Become Plumbers | Liz Dwyer | Education on GOOD

Sallie Mae to split into two companies, names new CEO | Tanya Agrawal | Reuters

Cuts to public higher education funnel students into for-profit colleges, raise financial concerns | Curan Merah | The Daily Californian

Why Tuition Has Skyrocketed at State Schools | Catherine Rampell |

Indentured Students Rise As Loans Corrode College Ticket | Janet Lorin | Bloomberg

Federal Student Loan Profits Rival Apple’s, Exxon Mobil’s Profits | Michael Tasselmyer | Heartland


Poverty in the U.S.: The 10 Worst States for Student Homelessness | Take Part

Millennial, hardworking, homeless | Lauren Fox |

FACT SHEET: Homeless Students in New York City | Institute for Children, Poverty & Homelessness

Number of homeless students hits new record: Over 1 million | RT USA

Blaming the Victims: Media Bias Against Struggling Millennials | Michael Corcoran | Truthout

Unpaid Internships

The unpaid internship for credit must end | Malcolm Harris | Al Jazeera America

Surprise! Harvard economist gets everything wrong about unpaid internships | Patrick St. John | For Student Power

Unpaid Internships Must Be Destroyed [Infographic] | Matt Bors | Medium

The Young, Low-Wage, Temporary Disaster Relief Army | Max Rivlin-Nadler | The Nation

I worked all week for free?!: The horrifying, true story of $0 paychecks | Josh Eidelson |

Hundreds of thousands of college graduates work minimum wage jobs | RT USA

Why You Should Never Have Taken That Prestigious Internship | Sam Bakkila | PolicyMic

You Know Who Else Uses Unpaid Interns? Colleges & Universities | Casey McDermott | The Huffington Post


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