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Campus Repression

The Surveillance State…err I Mean Surveillance Campus | Honest Chung | The Latin@ Asian Dialectic

Call for Submissions: Pamphlet on Securitization and the University | Reclamations Blog

I fought the NYPD, and I won | Shawn Carrié | Shawn Carrié Blog

Students Question the NSA at Recruiting Session | Madiha | SoundCloud

Texas Student Asks Campus Cop, “You Gonna Shoot Me?” So Cop Shoots Him. Dead. | Angus Johnston | Student Activism

Texas campus cop empties gun on unarmed student: ‘Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?’ | David Edwards | The Raw Story

University Of California, Berkeley Campus Police Will Not Be Allowed To Buy Armored Truck | Tyler Kingkade | The Huffington Post

The cops at Ohio State have an armored fighting vehicle now | Yahoo News

Cops at Ohio State have an armored fighting vehicle now | Eric Owens | The Daily Caller

FBI Labels PhD Candidate’s Research ‘A Threat to National Security’ | The Sparrow Project

UPDATE: UCPD’s getting a tank from Homeland Security | Reclaim UC

Campus brutalism: Were the buildings designed to thwart student riots? | Bryan Lowder | Slate

Cops off campus | Lenin’s Tomb

UCR Chancellor White Withdraws New Campus Protest Guidelines | UC-AFT

Cop Shoots, Kills College Student for Speaking Disrespectfully | Political Blind Spot

Brown Signs Law To Buffer Protesting Students, Campus Police | KPBS San Diego

John Brennan in Grad School: Destroying Democracy Helps Save It | Douglas Lucas | WhoWhatWhy

How UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi Brought Oppression Back to Greece’s Universities | UCDavis Bicycle Barricade

Diabetic High School Girl Beaten by Police Officer and Arrested — For Falling Asleep in Class | Alex Kane | Alternet

University of California, “Enterprise Risk Management,” and Orwellian Surveillance | Occupy Education Press

Civil Disobedience Initiative Dashboard | University of California: Response to Protests on UC Campuses

That Was the Week That Was | Michael Meranze | Remaking the University

Kansas Board of Regents restricts free speech for academics | Erik Voeten | The Washington Post

John Pike, Pepper-Spraying Cop, Seeks Workers Comp From UC Davis | The Huffington Post

University of California to pay nearly $1 million in deal with 21 pepper-sprayed UC-Davis Occupy protesters | U.S. News

Sometimes, When “All the Facts are In,” It’s Worse: The UC-Davis Pepper-Spray Report | Brad Hicks Blog


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